Released by Trustees: 4th January 2018
In December of 2017 GOO Foundation decided to use interest from our seed fund to help the Dzorwulu Special School. The school was in need of some essential items to enable them effectively use their infirmary. Items presented include Spygmomanometers, drip stands, emergency and dressing trays among others. Thank you to all whose contributions and efforts helped in making this possible.

Thank you

Released by Trustees: 18th September 2016
As part of our Health and Medicine projects this year we identified a family, whose story is available on the website, that had multiple cases of Chronic Kidney Disease. With the knowledge of the costs involved the Foundation set out to raise GHS10,000 to donate to the family to help with Dialysis treatment as well as other ancillary expenditure. A total of GHS3400 was raised and all the donations as per the foundations promise of ensuring that every amount collected is donated was given to the family in a small presentation. We plan to have another event before the close of the year.

Thank you


Released by Trustees: 01st May 2015
Our Goal for this year (2015) in terms of fundraising is to raise GHS20,000 as our initial investment (seed money). This will set the tone for future growth, as indicated all funds raised will be added to this investment ensuring every single pesewa contributed is secured for posterity.
The interest from the donations to the charity which is invested will therefore form the fruit which would be used for charitable activity.
We are beginning with GHS5,000 and we look forward to your assistance in achieving and exceeding our goal. Kindly look out for our fundraising event announcements on the site, we would ensure we give at least 2 weeks’ notice prior to a fundraising event.
Thank you

Released by Trustees: 21st November 2015
This is to formally invite you to be a part of our first annual charity barbecue to be held on the 28th of December 2015 at Casa Man Flora in Achimota at 1pm.
This year we are raising funds to support the Pediatric Unit of the La General Hospital who are in dire need of basic items like thermometers, pulse oximeters, weighing scales bed sheets, flow meters, nebulizer etc. We would also place 50% of the funds raised into the Foundations fund as seed money which will then be invested. The interest payments from all seed money will be used for charity work which will be reported through our website.
Our target for the charity BBQ is to raise an amount of GH¢15,000.00, out of which GHS7,500.00 will be used to support La General Hospital and GHS7,500 paid into the foundation’s account as seed money for the foundation’s charity work. We therefore encourage you to give whole-heartedly as your contribution would serve our society for posterity.
You may purchase the invitation/ticket at GH¢100.00 or GH¢200.00 to support our cause. We have a total of 100 invitations for this event.
For your invitations please call 0233322213.
Thank you

Released by Trustees: 21st March 2016
Following the successful 1st annual charity BBQ where we raised approximately GHS11,000 half of which went to the fund with the other half going to support the Pediatric Unit of cheap lace dresses the La General Hospital we wish to thank all of those who contributed in cash and in kind. We are planning for another great project in 2016 and will soon update you.


Thank you